Website Development

We have built our experience from working and partnering with publishers for many years. Special site (LPO) development, Follow-up after release, Website (homepage) development and renewal

Website development and renewal

Website management and updating system for publishing companies "NETPublishers® Ver.2" Management of books, magazines and authors, Purchasing management, Shopping cart, Membership management, Reader reviews, Bookstore functions, Book catalogue, online bookstore data output, etc… Customizable

Equipped with various functions that are optimized for publishing companies

The system can manage and update a massive amount of book data and purchasing data.

Once book and magazine information, news information, reader reviews and other information are registered at the management screen, the system automatically ensures that information is reflected in the website. The system can also be equipped with a variety of functions, such as the purchasing management function (purchase within the site) and membership management function.

Updates can be easily done from the management screen

No specialized knowledge or expertise is required, and updates can be carried out easily from the management screen when internet is available.

The updated content is reflected in the website in real time.

Customized to the features of each company

The customization can be integrated as an advanced and meticulous function that can support the book items specific to publishing companies.

Customization can be configured to adapt to the budget and needs of the publishing company.

Special site (LPO) development

We develop special sites for publishing companies who wish to advertise particular books and magazines.

We develop sites that offer advertising pages to sell books and magazines.

Let us handle not only site development but solution planning for advertising and access flow to the special sites. The effects after the release can also be measured.

Follow-up after development and release

Continuous planning to meet the needs of the publishing companies

Websites are one means to conduct various advertising, publicity, promotions and sales for publishing companies.

We offer the best plan and development, which exposes the problems that publishing companies tend to miss and the content development of competing companies.

Importance of websites after release

Let us handle the update and operation work after the development and release are completed.

We provide services that include not only help desks and maintenance but access log analysis (option) and improvement plans.

We offer services for both development and operations by understanding the business of the publishing company to ensure support and planning.

Regular meetings

If the customer wishes, we convene regular meetings using an operation status report.

We review how the website is performing per its original objective and strive to improve it to make it more effective.

In addition, we use examples of successful projects with other companies and provide information on things like the trends in the industry, and then conduct planning to make improvements for the future.

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