Hagiwara Printing offers premium quality and short lead times for e-books.

Available e-book formats
  • EPUB3 (Main domestic online stores, such as iBooks, Kobo, honto and Booklive)
  • mobi(Kindle)

Using our long experience in book printing to provide e-books

Hagiwara Printing is a printing company with experience in paper book printing, and because of our understanding of the advantages and disadvantages in DTP applications, we strive to produce e-books with the best possible quality.

We do not compromise with quality when it comes to the appearance of the titles in the e-books, checking for the ruby text or creating data that complies with EBPAJ.

Reliable support for “Releasing paper books and e-books at the same time”

Recently there has been an increase in customer requests for “Releasing paper books and e-books at the same time.”

Hagiwara Printing conducts typesetting taking into account the e-book format from the DTP stage. Our initial proof shows almost no need for corrections as a result of our premium quality and short lead times, leaving the customer only to specify the scope necessary for a sample excerpt.

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