About Hagiwara Printing

"What should we do to provide better customer service?"

Since our founding that spans more than 90 years, Hagiwara Printing has always been thinking about that. In order to achieve this, sometimes we need to accept major changes that come with the times and have all employees come together in order to give our full attention to the customer.

Our mission is to deliver the best services and printed materials for customers who have chosen Hagiwara Printing as their long time partner spanning several decades.

Publication Printing Department offers a wealth of experience.
We are particularly confident in our book printing services.

Thanks to the experience built up from being involved in the publishing and printing industry, up until now, we have developed a good reputation among customers as a bookmaking company that focuses on quality.
Publication printing at Hagiwara Printing features high printing technology with professional techniques used at each stage.
Hagiwara Printing’s role is to ensure the customer’s prized book is communicated in its printed form in order to deliver it to society in the best possible way.

Hagiwara book printing service details

As the customers needs change with the times, our service advances while adapting to those needs.

We have continued to make advances to our services, by providing a full breadth of web business and service options, producing e-books and applications, helping promote books and offering print-on-demand publishing, in order to provide services and products that meet the needs of our customers.
We offer a One-Stop Service at Hagiwara Printing, which has been developed in various fields, such as paper-, digital-, and web-based products.

One-Stop Service details

We are striving to be a "company that supports the publishing business" and offer a total solution approach for the customer to "present content."

Hagiwara Printing considers the publication printing format to support the changing times, and has expanded into the field of e-books by applying our experience in publication printing. We have received many requests to develop and manage websites for publishing companies and consequently learned a lot through our experience and technology as a web developer specifically geared for publishing companies.
We asked ourselves, what kind of service can take all of this and package it together for the customer? Based on this idea, we came up with our "Total publishing business support."

We continue to strive to be a "company that supports the publishing business" that can offer the services required for customers who wish to publish something.
In addition, we hope to communicate and deliver the content from the customer to society in the most appropriate format, regardless of how the times have changed.

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