Environmental policy

We are engaged in printing products while taking into consideration the environment, based on our corporate motto that “Clean and organized printed materials only come from clean and organized factories.”

“Green Printing Factory” certification

On December 14, 2011, the Offset Printing Department was certified as a “Green Printing Factory” for our headquarters and the Toda Factory at the 22nd Green Printing Factory Certification Session hosted by Japan Federation of Printing Industries. This is a testament that verifies our printing related business is active in environmental management and has achieved the “Printing Service Green Standards,” which are a set of voluntary environmental standards in the printing industry. Since our certified factory produces printed products that use printing materials which comply with the Green standards, those products can use the GP mark display as verification of our general environmental-friendliness.

Received the “Japan Federation of Printing Industries Encouragement Award” at the Printing Industry Environmental Excellence Factory Awards

On September 12, 2012, the Toda Factory received the “Japan Federation of Printing Industries Encouragement Award” at the “11th Printing Industry Environmental Excellence Factory Awards.”
Thanks to our environmental support and improvements to the working conditions, we were recognized for our strong measures that covered production, quality improvement and also security.

Environmental approach

Hagiwara Printing Co., Ltd. shall actively engage in environmental conservation activities that ensure each and every employee considers the impact on people and the environment.

  1. Hagiwara Printing shall identify the environmental impact of business activities along with products and services, shall set environmental targets and goals, shall carry our regular reviews and shall strive to make continuous improvements.
  2. Hagiwara Printing shall follow all applicable laws and regulations and strive to prevent contamination.
  3. Hagiwara Printing shall strive to carry out environmental conservation measures such as considering recycling measures, reducing waste and reducing its environmental impact such as curtailing noise.
  4. Hagiwara Printing shall promote energy-savings and resource-savings and shall strive to effectively use resources.
  5. Hagiwara Printing shall strive to develop environmentally-friendly products.
  6. Hagiwara Printing shall strive to focus on purchasing environmentally-friendly materials.
  7. Hagiwara Printing shall conduct employee training on the environment, and shall strive to raise environmental awareness.
  8. Hagiwara Printing shall disclose its environmental approach.

Standards that promote an environmentally-friendly (“Green”) approach for printed products and services

  1. Hagiwara Printing shall promote environmentally-friendliness in its “printed products and services” for quotations, receiving orders, submitting proposals and production.
  2. The environmental manager shall establish an annual plan, assign a promotion manager and promote environmentally-friendliness.
  3. Hagiwara Printing shall focus its promotion activities on the following:
    • [Paper and materials]
      • Rank A or B compliant products with an appropriate rank list for recycling used paper
      • FSC-certified paper
      • Recycled paper (Contains more than 70% of its pulp from recycled paper)
    • [Ink]
      • Non-VOC ink and soy-based ink
      • Prohibit use of harmful substances (NL products)
      • “A” rank materials from an appropriate rank list for recycling used paper
    • [Processes]
      • Full digital processing
      • Apply system to reduce waste fluid from development
      • Apply system for dampening water circulation and filtering
    • [Environmental label]
      • Actively promote the acquisition of environmental labels, such as the GP mark, and recommend its use to customers
  4. The environmental manager shall regularly (every month) assess and monitor the status of company-wide measures and ensure they are reflected in the plan for the next fiscal year.
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