Hagiwara book printing services

Thanks to our advanced printing technology and experience from being involved in the publishing and printing industry since our founding, we are extremely confident in the quality of our book printing services.

Receiving material for print and meeting consultation

We implement a “style to think of ideas with the customer” and take on an “approach that offers a hand-made feel.”

Our sales representatives visit the customer directly in order to discuss the specifications together with the customer.

We strive to come up with a solution that satisfies our customers in both cost and lead time, by providing a plan based from the perspective of a printing company, covering details such as the binding design as well as the paper selection.

Feel free to ask our sales representatives about anything related to bookmaking!

At Hagiwara Printing, we are confident in our distinctive ability to provide total support for bookmaking.

Feel free to contact our sales representatives, as they are well-experienced and you can count on them to provide complete support to handle your bookmaking requests with care.

Prepress process

Image decomposition

We conduct scanning and color compensation for the printing specifications based on the direction of the color request from the customer.

Text and body

Typesetting, imposition, whiteprint, proofreading and correction


Print material data processing, whiteprint, proofreading, machine proof and flat display proof


Paste up / CTP output

Typesetting taking into account e-book format

Hagiwara Printing conducts typesetting taking into account the e-book format from the DTP stage.

Thanks to our long experience as a printing company in printing books, we are able to use the skills of our technical experts and an organized production flow to deliver premium quality e-books with short lead times.

e-book details

Large staff with the “DTP Expert” qualification

Our staff is always committed to acquiring new qualifications to ensure the customers feel they can entrust us with their printing needs.
We currently have 25 staff members who are “DTP Expert” qualified.

Press process


Our Toda Factory offers a printing press that covers the specifications for each part.

Environmentally-friendly “Manufacturing”

We are engaged in printing products while taking into consideration the environment, based on our corporate motto that “Clean and organized printed materials only come from clean and organized factories.”

In 2011, our Offset Printing Department was certified as a “Green Printing Factory” at our headquarters and at the Toda Factory. In 2012, the Toda Factory received the “Encouragement Award from the Japan Federation of Printing Industries” at the “11th Printing Industry Environmental Excellence Factory Awards.”

Environmental policy details

Quality management system for international standards

Hagiwara Printing received ISO 9001 certification in 2002.

We created and use a quality management system (excluding the Cross Media Dept.) in accordance with the international standards established by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in order to improve customer satisfaction by maintaining quality and making continuous improvements.

Post-press process

Surface processing

Laminate processing for the cover, belly-band (obi), cover page

The surface processing line is also set up at the Toda Factory to help us reduce lead times.


We support casebound books, paperbacks, saddle stitching, PUR binding and other special binding.


After the product inspection is complete, the product is delivered.

Hagiwara Printing's work does not stop at book printing.

Hagiwara Printing's One-Stop Service can help with printing and promotion site development as well as with promotion planning!

  • “Develop paper books and e-books at the same time”
  • “Develop promotion sites”
  • “Create ads for SNS and web services,”


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