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Since our founding, we have pursued being a company in the publication printing industry that provides inspiration for the customer. Makoto Hagiwara, President

“Hagiwara Printing was founded in 1925 and has been committed to making advancements in the publication printing industry.
Since the era of letterpress printing, we have focused on “typesetting clear and easy-to-read text.” To stay in sync with the changing times, we have quickly transitioned from hot type (hot metal typesetting) to cold type (phototypesetting) and then from computer typesetting to DTP systems.

We acquired ISO 9001 certification in 2002, and have developed a good reputation in the industry as a bookmaking company that focuses on quality.

In the present day, where the Internet has became an important factor in business, we have strengthened our support in cross media with things like support in website(PC/Smartphone) development and operation specifically for publishing companies, e-book production and support for small lot reprints, multilingal printing, movie production. Based on the doctrine that puts the “customer first,” we have always strived to expand our equipment resources and been engaged in technology development that supports “services that stay one step ahead” to fulfill our most important goal of contributing to society as much as we can.

We aim to be “company that supports the publishing business” that is centered on printing. And we shall continue to stay fully committed using all of our resources to ensure we can develop a business that inspires everyone.

Makoto Hagiwara, President

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