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Handling of personal information
1. Individual name or company name
Hagiwara Printing Co., Ltd.

2. Name or title of Personal Information Manager, department and contact information
Izumi Hagiwara, Personal Information Manager
Phone: 03-3811-4272

3. Purpose for using personal information from contact form
The personal information received by Hagiwara Printing in the online magazine registration form shall only be used within the scope of the purpose of use noted below, and shall not be used for any other purpose.
1) For processing online magazine registration and management
2) For online magazine distribution

4. Outsourcing and providing personal information received by Hagiwara Printing to a third party
Hagiwara Printing sometimes uses an online distribution service (external service) for distributing its online magazine.

5. Safety management for protecting personal information
Hagiwara Printing shall establish regulations in order to protect the personal information of the concerned party. All employees shall understand, be well-informed, and trained concerning those regulations, and an audit shall be conducted regularly to assess compliance.
In addition, Hagiwara Printing shall strive to maintain and improve safety control measures required to protect the personal information of concerned parties.

6. Procedure to disclose, revise and discontinue use of personal information
When the concerned party requests to be notified about the purpose of use, disclosure, content revision, addition or deletion, discontinuance of use, deletion or to stop providing to a third party any personal information held by Hagiwara Printing, use the information below to contact us for corresponding support.

<Personal Information Help Desk>
Phone: 03-3811-4272 (Available weekdays 9:00 to 17:00.)

7. Volunteering of information provided
Providing personal information is voluntary, but if consent is not provided, Hagiwara Printing shall be unable to complete the purpose of use as stated in item 3.

8. Website operation of Hagiwara Printing
When the concerned party revisits the Hagiwara website, etc., the website shall use technology, known as “Cookies” to ensure the site user’s browsing goes more smoothly. This technology records the access to the website pages made from the computer of the concerned party, and therefore the concerned party cannot be identified or distinguished unless the concerned party enters his or her personal information at the Hagiawara Printing website. If a user does not wish to use cookies, the user can change the browser settings and reject cookie use. In this situation, some or all services cannot be used.

*Handling of personal information based on the privacy policy of Hagiwara Printing

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